31 May 2009

Memorable Singers, Susan Boyle etc.

Singing is part of human existence, and even birds and other animals do some singing or what we may call "music." As I revealed in my other essay that there is music which is amusing, now there really are memorable singers which give music its amusing and amazing effect toward their listeners.

One of the favorite singers of my mother as I remember is Madame Shirley Bassey and until now she is still active in concerts. There are few other amateur singers who caught my attention and to name a few, they are Ms. Charice Pempengco, Charlie Green and the latest Susan Boyle.

When I happened to open a TV Channel, she was featured as having garnered more than 60,000,000 views. Oh, for Britain's sake, viewers spectacularly viewed her spectacular performance. (Her piece here is "I Dreamed A Dream")


Although, she may be not very professional and good in tune, as I may say it, but her voice is memorable as you listen here:


Just like the International Singing Sensation who is also memorable not only for the Asians but for the world at large, Susan Boyle gets the attention of the world.

I hope that she will practice and practice until she will resurrect all those deaden oldster's favorites of the past century.

To Susan Boyle and the rest of the crew, give music its original sensation!

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